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AT&T Hack Exposes 19,000 Identities

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Ah another huge hacking resulting in a large loss of confidential information, companies really need to start getting more pro-active about aggresively testing their corporate networks and web based applications.

Information including CREDIT CARD numbers sadly.

AT&T on Tuesday said hackers broke into one of its computer systems and accessed personal data on thousands of customers who used its online store.

The information that was illegally accessed includes credit card numbers, AT&T said in a statement. The cyberattack affects about 19,000 customers who purchased equipment for high-speed DSL Internet connections through AT&T’s Web site, the company said.

“We deeply regret this incident,” Priscilla Hill-Ardoin, chief privacy officer for AT&T, said in the statement. “We will work closely with law enforcement to bring these data thieves to account.”

Companies really need to tighten up and enrole more high quality penetration testers (like me of course!).

The incident is the latest in a long string of data security breaches. Since early last year, more than 90 million personal records have been exposed in dozens of incidents, according to information compiled by the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.

AT&T is offering to pay for credit monitoring services for customers whose accounts have been impacted because they could be at risk of identity fraud. The company also has made available a toll-free number to affected customers to call for more information.

Let’s hope we don’t see any more huge data leaks in the near future.

Source: News.com


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  1. chuck 30 August 2006 at 9:45 pm Permalink

    I think this is only the tip of the iceberg..