LiveJournal Advert Installs Malware

Keep on Guard!

Seems like someone sneaked past the LiverJournal advertisers policy by only trying to infect Australian and European users.

A certain advertiser ( – being sneaky and underhanded. It’s not LJ’s fault, LJ already disabled the advert from rotation.

The ad itself is for a program that lets you download stuff – you know the sort of thing. The ad is a Flash ad, and masquerades as a banner ad.

Thing is, the Flash ad contains code to open a popup that leads to a very different destination – it’s what I assume is an affiliate link that attempts to download and install ErrorSafe on your computer.

Source: no_lj_ads

LJ have said they are looking into it.

It looks like one of our advertisers possibly managed to sneak past our ad guidelines. The kpremium ad is designed and targeted for people in Western Europe and Australia, and we’ve received reports from people in those regions, indicating that it’s doing obnoxious things with the browsers — shrinking the window and generating popups. (Many people mentioned “ErrorSafe” in

Source: lj_ads

Sneaky eh, all the more reason to use Firefox, Adblock Plus and NoScript!

Also keep your anti-virus software up to date just in case.

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