20 June 2006 | 4,893 views

3Com’s TippingPoint Finds New IE Vulnerabilities

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What? New vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer?

You can hack Internet Exploder Explorer? Never!

3Com Corp’s TippingPoint division has discovered and disclosed two critical new vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer through 3Com’s Zero Day Initiative (ZDI).

The vulnerabilities could have allowed an attacker to gain control of a PC if the user was logged in with administrative rights.

Sounds a bit like an advert for TippingPoint to me.

Under the ZDI, 3Com rewards researchers who, while keeping the vulnerabilities confidential, alert 3Com to these vulnerabilities.

3Com can in turn alert the software vendor so that a patch can be prepared, while IPS prepares the security filter and distributes it to customers.

Interesting initiative though.

Source: The Star

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