14 April 2006 | 53,594 views

bsqlbf 1.1 – Blind SQL Injection Tool

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bsqlbf is a tool for Blind SQL Injection attacks, a pretty nifty one too!

The author says there are similar tools about, but he’s tried to combine all the techniques into one compact but complete tool.

bsqlbf 1.1

# -get now support resume (with -start option)
# -get to fetch files (thank you ilo AGAIN)
# + -time option added (IDS bypass)
# + -rtime option added (IDS bypass)
# + -rproxy option added (IDS bypass)
# + -ruagent option added (IDS bypass)

There is a decent GUI front end in Perl-Tk made by Gandalfj, a Windows version is available for download too.

You can download bsqlbf 1.1 here (Original page in Spanish).


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