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Whos is tonyenkiducx? Who the hell are you?

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Im a tinkerer. I can’t say I’m expert in anything more than ASP and MSSQL, but I make a point of playing and learning anything new and wanky. I’ve tweaked dBase, fiddled with Python, installed Apache, destroyed MS2003 server, plugged in SUN boxes, screamed at VisualStudio, urinated on Fedora, set fire too Game Maker, avoided Ajax, winked at Web2.0, beat the crap out of Oracle, been mentally scarred by DreamWeaver and made mad passionate love to ASP.net.

Bottom line, if it exists, I’ve probably played with it. My main expertise lies in Microsoft web and database technologies, namely ASP, anything .net, mssql(From 6.5 up to 2005) and associated web technologies. I spend 80% of my time on an intranet, the other 20% on our outward facing sites, and the other 20% my boss imagines I have, working on private projects. In my spare time I play some mmorpgs, spend time with my wife, work on some websites(Except my own), and I’m currently building a huge crossbows and catapults set for fun and the possible destruction of my flat.


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One Response to “Whos is tonyenkiducx? Who the hell are you?”

  1. backbone 20 March 2006 at 10:24 am Permalink

    well… i see your a very experienced coder… i’ll be happy reading from you… especially things related to the .NET Framework…