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Norton Antivirus Funny Bug

Cyber Raptors Hunting Your Data?

the following exploits (if we can call it this way) was published on securityfocus bugtraq mailinglist… it is entirely reproduced in the following lines:

Norton Internet monitoring tools issues
Versions Affected : *
Fix : No

What im writing about is how to stop the internet of some user that is
using the norton tools and IRC / any other chat at the same time.

By default norton monitor checks for words like “keylogger” , “start
keylogger” , “key logger” and etc.etc.

Example for irc :
Start a mIRC or any other IRC client that u like and connect to some
Type down /ctcp yournick start keylogger . By default norton monitors
your mIRC Process and your logs of it so it sees “star keylogger” and
automaticly blocks mIRC.exe from starting and automaticly blocks port
6667 or whatever port ure using to connect to IRC. Nice eh ?

Aleksander Hristov

So you should be in a small manner paranoic when using Norton tools…


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One Response to “Norton Antivirus Funny Bug”

  1. st3f 2 March 2006 at 1:07 pm Permalink

    A very strange “feature”… I like that Norton supposedly would block any log file containing the string “format c:”.