21 February 2006 | 5,493 views

Severe Security Hole in Apple Mac Safari Web Browser

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As the German IT portal heise online conveys, a new security hole in the Safari webbrowser for Apple’s Mac OS X has been discovered. This security hole is rather severe, as it invokes the execution of shell scripts under certain circumstances.

Once again the Safari option “open safe” files automatically after download bears the blame. If this facility runs across a shell script that is missing the so-called Shebang-row, the system won’t ask the user whether to execute the file automatically anymore – it’ll just execute it anyways. Unfortunately you can simply rename a shellscript without a Shebang-row to known-good filetype extensions like JPG or PNG and put that renamed script into a ZIP file – zipping as well an administrative file that’ll connect that file with the shell. A target Mac then “knows” automatically how to open that file if it receives that ZIP – it’ll take it as totally normal to execute the “jpg file” with the shell.

To circumvent this issue immediately, you can exercise two countermeasures – the first one is to disable that unsafe option in Safari, the second one is to move the terminal to another place, as the connection between shellscript and terminal has a hardcoded file path to the terminal. Additionally, you should never ever work with administrator privileges – as one should be used to with windoze, this rule of thumb has the same virtues on a Mac as well

Source: 4null4.de

A rare exploit for Mac eh, it is possible to exploit, it’s not just a theory, you can find a proof of concept here:


With a Babelfish Translation.


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