27 February 2006 | 7,568 views

Malware Honeypot Projects Merge – mwcollect and nepenthes

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Looking to streamline the collection of malware samples, two of the biggest honeypot projects mwcollect and nepenthes have merged operations.

The two projects, which passively trap viruses, spyware and other forms of malicious software by emulating known vulnerabilities, will combine operations to develop a single malware collection tool, according to an announcement my mwcollect head developer Georg Wicherski.

The merger comes after a year of concurrent development that caused a lot of overlap and shared work, Wicherski said.

“Mwcollect.org will become a top-level community covering malware collection efforts, [and] nepenthes will become the official software used for malware collection and be part of mwcollect.org,” he said.

A new mwcollect.org meta-portal will be created to host information related to malware collection.

Source: Eweek

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