13 February 2006 | 5,191 views

Call for Authors and New Members for Relaunch of Darknet

Cyber Raptors Hunting Your Data?

Darknet is currently undergoing a relaunch, it has been rebuilt from scratch in a new style using a powerful and extensible open source CMS called WordPress.

If you wish to contribute please contact us for access to the site.

We are looking for people to write articles about anything to do with Hacking, Cracking or Information Security.

Topics such as tutorials, discussions, news, exploits, tool releases, coding tutorials, hacking games, cryptography and anything else that’s relevant.

The site is to share knowledge and enable us to learn from each other and to share something with the public, hopefully creating some positive discussion.

Maybe we can rewrite and renew/update some of the old darknet articles.

Any ideas are welcome, mail with your preferred username and what you think you’ll be able to write about.

Darknet has been around since 1999 in one form or another and at certain times has been quite well known.

We are also looking for incoming links (we will exchange links if your site is relevant and of a good quality) and people to promote the Darknet relaunch, and do some PR legwork.

Also looking for any graphic designers to do links/buttons, and of course anyone else interested can just link to us.


– Darknet Founder


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2 Responses to “Call for Authors and New Members for Relaunch of Darknet”

  1. burn666 15 February 2006 at 6:15 pm Permalink

    Hey man, ‘gratz on the launch! Will try and contribute a few news pieces over the rest of this week…

    *still at work*